They have the same – soul wide open ….. Robert Rozhdestvensky and Artist Herbert

Thomas Dicksee yard dogs in a special grooms because they howling at the moon, from the booth to the house all go and go Resounding under wire. Trams … I did not disturb them. I’m not with them znayus. For this they have the right to bark at me … HO hot read me tranquil inscription: “Dogs without collars will … Continua a leggere

Guillaume Apollinaire “terza rima for your Soul” Artist Klim Lee

Do you have a soul – a child, it would rock to sleep, I too in the flesh for this phantom Just that ready to disappear, silence; I would love to sing with art Chrysostom All your beauty, whose visible part And that mysterious, and then poluznakoma. It is like a monastery, which lies dormant passion – Need a special … Continua a leggere