Schilder Edward Poynter

Geboren 20 maart 1836 in Parijs, de zoon van de architect en kunstenaar Ambrose Poynter. Kreeg zijn primaire kunstonderwijs in de Westminster School in Ipswich, in 1856-1859, respectievelijk. Hij studeerde schilderkunst in Londen, Rome en Parijs met Charles Gleyre (samen met Whistler). Werd beroemd grote historische en mythologische schilderijen – zoals “Israël in Egypte” (1867), “Het bezoek van de koningin … Continua a leggere

paintings of old masters 17-19 age

Flora Venetian school. Unknown artist In ancient Roman mythology Flora – goddess of flowers, youth, spring and fertility. According to legend, the cult of the legendary king Flora established Sabine Titus Tatius and put her in Rome altar.Floru always portrayed as a beautiful young girl with a wreath of flowers on her head and a bouquet in her hands. Her … Continua a leggere

Pavel Chistyakov. Outstanding teacher of painting.

“The founder of Russian painting”, “universal teacher of Russian artists”, “our common and only teacher” – so said about him by his contemporaries. Through his studio formerly known artists of the late XIX century: Repin, Polenov, Surikov, Vasnetsov, Vrubel, Serov, Borisov-Musatov. Today, unfortunately, the name of Pavel Petrovich Chistyakov known only to specialists. What works worth the son of a … Continua a leggere

World purity rings … nature of beauty … Photographer Maxim Evdokimov

Over the mountains, over yellow dales Trail stretches villages. I see the forest and the evening hollow And the fence entwined with nettles. There in the morning over the heads of the church Turns blue heavenly sand, And rings roadside grasses Water from the lake breeze. Not for the songs of spring over the plains Road me green expanse – … Continua a leggere

Solar Solnechnogorsky creative artist …

Solar Solnechnogorsky creative artist … Yuri Matsik. November. It’s cold. Rainy. Damp. Sad. Want sun …… and it looked out of the sun as the sun artist paintings ….. ….. with sunny clown: sunny clown Lived in arena red clown As if happiness is painted! Smile paints clothing Gave it a rainbow of hope: And the kids, and adult men. … Continua a leggere

In transparent organza dress … take off into the sky like a goddess … Csaba Markus (Csaba Markus),

In transparent organza dress … take off into the sky like a goddess … Csaba Markus (Csaba Markus) Csaba Markus (Csaba Markus), the Hungarian-born, now living in the United States. He is a painter, sculptor, television producer and publisher. As an artist, he works primarily in the field of printing, with an emphasis on serigraphy. His work also includes painting, … Continua a leggere