Beautiful autumn landscape artist Graham Gercken

Modern Australian artist Graham Gerken (Graham Gercken) was born in Southport, in 1960, but spent most of his life in the west of the Blue Mountains in Sydney. As an artist, he is mainly self-taught, as its main medium, chose oil paint, with which creates its autumn landscapes in a style characteristic of impressionist painters. In 1984, Graham joined the … Continua a leggere

What a joy just to live! Diana Leonard (Diane Leonard), one of the best of American

impressionists. video Diana What a joy to live simply, Greet the dawn and kissing, What a joy to be a man! And this happiness to enjoy. How nice that somewhere there, Your significant other. And you’re ready to go to the edge of the light, What would enjoy this happiness. What a joy to know that you are loved, What … Continua a leggere

Beautiful women Pino Daeni

Modern Italian artist Pino Daeni education in Italy, but already a famous master immigrated to the United States. Paintings Pino Daeni adorn many galleries and private collections. Particularly interesting female portraits of the artist. His beautiful airy, romantic and sensual at the same time. However, let’s look. Beauty artist Pino Daeni.  Carolyn Johnson paintings art for sale

In the urban bustle of everyday routine ~ watercolor painter Joseph Zbukvich (Joseph Branko Zbukvic)

In the urban bustle of everyday routine, All conduct of everyday life … Pulls the burden to the bottom, and entangled in the mud, Sank under the weight of lies … There are a number of sadness, sad people, Long since faded eyes … And from the heart closed the heavy door, Gray paint hanging heaven … Schedule one day … Continua a leggere

St. Petersburg Sergei sketches Bortsova

February Artist Sergei Fighters was born in 1962 in the Kirov region. in a family with artistic traditions – Uncle DDA RSFSR Andrian Fighters. In 1986 he graduated from the Kirov Art College. Since 1987 he lives in St. Petersburg. Works are in the Ministry of Property Relations of the Russian Federation, the Iranian Embassy in Moscow, in private collections … Continua a leggere

Vincent Van Gogh (Vincent Willem van Gogh)

Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) – niderlandskiy artist postimpressionist. His pervыe two kartinы sozdal in vozraste 28 Chron. Pervaya polozhitelynaya review of odno around poloten Vincent Van Gog bыla published a lishy for neskolyko mesyatsev to ego SERM. Allan Dunfield paintings Zhenshtina for shityem (1881). Kroller-Muller Museum Devushka the street (1882). Villa Flora Allé around derevyev (1884). Private collection Vase with … Continua a leggere

hunting with hounds

Century hunting with hounds was a privilege and a special entertainment of the nobility. Proud of her, she “treated” distinguished guests, and for poimistyh dogs gave derevni.Otezzhie whole field, the sound of hunting horns, graceful pack of greyhounds pack black & brown, crimson, chёrnopegih hounds parchёvye kaftans red jacket – it was long, infinitely long and that the hunting life … Continua a leggere

Good night …

Good night, sweet dreams. Heartily wish you. Even if we are not together, I fall asleep with you. I fall asleep quietly nearby. Just next door, and without a word, Gently embrace happiness. Good night, sweet dreams … Good night, sweet dreams. I’m sorry for your persistence. But increasingly, all the more, I want to enter in your sleep. Yes, … Continua a leggere