Fantasy Edward Robert Hughes

Fantasy Edward Robert Hughes Edward Robert Hughes (1851 – 1914) was the nephew of the famous painter prerafaelita Arthur Hughes and assistant William Holman Hunt, who helped to complete many of his recent work includes a version of “Light of the World” for St. Paul’s Cathedral. Having started his artistic career in the Pre-Raphaelite environment, he gradually moved to the … Continua a leggere

Romantic Realism Lucia Sarto / artist beautiful

Romantic Realism Lucia Sarto / artist beautiful His first prize for vivid picture of the Italian artist Lucia Sarto was 11 years old, still in high school. Since then, she lives in painting and live painting. Creativity Lucia is popular with museums, galleries and private collectors around the world. Her style imitated by many in the art world. Romantic Realism … Continua a leggere

Alexandra Pavlovna Romanova

Alexandra Pavlovna Romanova July 29, 1783 in the family of Grand Duke Paul Petrovich, heir to a girl, the first granddaughter of Catherine the Great. Great little princess named Alexandra. Education deals with the appointment of Alexandra Catherine Charlotte von Lieven. When the princess was 11 years old, her regal grandmother says about it in a letter to Baron Grimm, … Continua a leggere