Symbolism and romance Melitta Perry.

Melitta Perry was born in Sydney in 1969. She is an avid traveler. Love for her wanderings began with road trips with the family during the school holidays. Later this hobby mount a climbing. In 90 years, traveling in Europe, it has always been interested in the diverse cultures of the peoples inhabiting the Old World. In 1997-2001 she lived in Wales, where the mountains, shrouded in mist, and road signs on the mysterious Celtic language transferred her to another world of reality. Years spent among the Welsh landscapes where ancient myths are still alive, left a deep impression in her mind, allowed her to experience the unity of place and lichnosti.

Melitta now lives and works in a tiny village in the north Mallumbimbi Australian state of New YuzhnyyUels. The area is known for the beauty of this volcanic peaks and lush forests. This whole region is famous for its distinctive folklore – the result of a merger of cultures of Aboriginal and white settlers.
Here Melitta Perry continues to travel, but these trips are no longer moving in space. She travels to his inner world, and diligently records everything he sees and feels. Her landscapes are taken from the literature and Australian folklore. For it is a place where they can face the conscious and the unconscious. She plays with landscapes, inhabiting them the fruits of their fantasies, animals and human figures, which are very reminiscent of children’s creativity.
Her paintings are imbued with fantasy, mystery children’s horror stories, absurd. Their prospects are very strange, sometimes sinister light. Fluent brushwork and the lack of three-dimensional stress the dramatic action. This is a kind of mystical setting in which the weakness of human nature is emphasized by the presence of various creatures that are familiar to us snake, sheep and peacocks and exotic – like a wild dingo, a bird with a blue collar, a huge black cat, raging boar in a bright pink wig and dancing Waltz crocodile. Perry symbolism inherent in general intrigepovestvovaniya. In his paintings, she often uses masks, mirrors, antique trinkets. Mythical characters that evolved over thousands of years in different cultures, organically adapted in her work, becoming part of the new myths.
Initial training Melitta Perry held as an architectural illustrator studio Sydney Ambler and Heykrafte, in the late ’80s, and then, after years of wandering through Europe with a backpack, she studied painting at the University of Southern Cross. Abroad In 1997 – 2001’s Perry lived in Cardiff, where she taught in Welsh University (UWIC), participated in various exhibitions and successfully exhibited in Albany Gallery in Cardiff. After his return to Australia in 2002 with a small daughter, Melitta was presented in galleries in Queensland and Schubert Catherine Asquith in Melbourne.
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