Wine warm October …. The artist Roman Velichko.

Wine warm October …. The artist Roman Velichko.


Over time, not theft. It seems that just ended in the summer, as it turns out, has already flown in September. Rains, you’re thinking, “There was a fall,” – and he knew of course that started the prelude to winter. And yet even subconsciously waiting for something.


But here in October. At night was quite cold, and the first day of golden leaves are flashing on the blue. Wine warm October soft gentle light, the sun enters into force at the end of the day, four hours, when everything becomes smooth oblong fallen with trellis ripe pears.


Well, then it’s time to get a new sweater. Put on the maple trees, undergrowth in color, in brown spines, turning pink in russula. Wear a woolen reflection autumn. And certainly new – select a new sweater, light a new torch, designed for extinction.


What color sweater? Maybe in shades of green? In the range of green Ireland: dull color of pea, color tart whiskey, desert-colored wild peat bogs and grassy surface.


Or red? There are many shades of reddishnesses: red as the hair of Ophelia as honey cakes (try to again!), Forest reddishnesses (here the whole palette!), Ocher earth, yellow-red sky, the elusive scent of the marketplace and wood, fungi and moisture. Let this sweater is from roving. Home knit, large rows, as if someone has enough time to knit for you.


You will be in it a particle fall. So let it be ample to body disappeared. Spacious, with a deflated shoulders, with a margin … It’s nice to play the whole range, the tone of voice, to the very end. Ready sad comfortably. Buy Color days, a new sweater for autumn.
(Philippe Delerm “The first sip of beer and other small pleasures of life”)


Roman Velichko was born in Biysk September 6, 1968. After graduating from high school he entered the Kharkov Aviation Institute named after NE Zhukovsky, and graduated with a degree in “Design for solid rocket motor fuel”, then served in the Air Force. Already as a student, Roman participated in four exhibitions and the first non-professional art festival in Kharkov. From 1993 he worked in an advertising firm Byisk “Fort Altonik”, “Altera”. Participated in five exhibitions Biysk unconventional creativity. He is currently working in the design firm “Center”.

“An interesting exercise to transfer thoughts on canvas ……”

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