I meet sunsets, sea blue. Zaborskikh Igor

I meet sunsets, sea blue. Zaborskikh Igor I meet sunsets, sea blue. Zaborskikh Igor Strong wind in your face, refreshing breeze. From the sea, driving wave breaking on the pier. Gulls screaming rush into the abyss of water, Fallen to the sun, save from harm. Red-hot copper disc goes to the bottom. Fire breaks out sea full depth. Reflected lights, … Continua a leggere

We danced a wonderful dance with the beautiful name of “Love”

We danced a wonderful dance with the beautiful name of “Love” We danced a wonderful dance with the beautiful name of “Love” Are you merging, feeling you, Breathe one breath with you, I live alone with you desire Extend longer life fire. Then dying away, the explosion, You trepetala.Zharky sigh, From hot lips bursting, My face was burning breath. And … Continua a leggere

Cityscape. Artist Alexander Rusanov

Cityscape. Artist Alexander Rusanov Born May 24, 1966 Studied at the Producer’s Department of Theatre Institute, a volunteer at the Faculty of Sculpture Repin Institute, graduated in 1993 ped.institut., Taught there for Cultural Research (1995-2000) was a graduate student at the Department of Cultural Studies. With 2000g.-free artist.             

Fantasy Edward Robert Hughes

Fantasy Edward Robert Hughes Edward Robert Hughes (1851 – 1914) was the nephew of the famous painter prerafaelita Arthur Hughes and assistant William Holman Hunt, who helped to complete many of his recent work includes a version of “Light of the World” for St. Paul’s Cathedral. Having started his artistic career in the Pre-Raphaelite environment, he gradually moved to the … Continua a leggere

Romantic Realism Lucia Sarto / artist beautiful

Romantic Realism Lucia Sarto / artist beautiful His first prize for vivid picture of the Italian artist Lucia Sarto was 11 years old, still in high school. Since then, she lives in painting and live painting. Creativity Lucia is popular with museums, galleries and private collectors around the world. Her style imitated by many in the art world. Romantic Realism … Continua a leggere

Alexandra Pavlovna Romanova

Alexandra Pavlovna Romanova July 29, 1783 in the family of Grand Duke Paul Petrovich, heir to a girl, the first granddaughter of Catherine the Great. Great little princess named Alexandra. Education deals with the appointment of Alexandra Catherine Charlotte von Lieven. When the princess was 11 years old, her regal grandmother says about it in a letter to Baron Grimm, … Continua a leggere

Spaniard wrapped in Manton – and holding a fan …

George Owen Wynne Apperley (1884-1960) was an English artist which perfectly depicted the Spanish woman. And also offers a view of Menton Spanish shawl with very long brushes – one of the classic attributes of the female flamenco dance: shawl that swirls around the camp dancer, emphasizing the slender feminine silhouette that falls from the shoulders, forming a silhouette of … Continua a leggere